Coupon for released modules (combined) for 19.99 NZD!

I have been chipping away at building modules for, and today I have released Module 4.

As of now these are the available modules:
Module 1—Introductory Course (FREE module) (22 minutes)
This module includes the following short introductory lectures:
– Introducing the series Introducing the teacher
– Listening to experienced teachers
– What is technical writing?
– Why is technical writing valued highly?

Module 2—Document Life Cycle, Gathering Information, Writer’s Block (56 minutes)
This module covers:
– Document life cycle
– Gathering information
– Overcoming writer’s block: Three principles
– Overcoming writer’s block: Two techniques

Module 3—Writing And Editing (47 minutes)
This module covers:
– The writing itself
– Editing reviewing revising
– Editing passes and doc testing

Module 4—Document Aspects (75 minutes)
This module covers:
– Front matter
– Navigational Aids and Numbering Systems
– Table of Contents
– Index

If anyone is keen on doing these modules, I have an exciting offer valid till 4 July 2022. You can get all the released modules for a combined price of 19.99 NZ dollars.
To avail this offer, go to and apply coupon code MODS1234 to the product called ‘Modules 1 to 4’.

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I have four more modules planned and will continue to release these in the coming months.
Module 5—Presenting Information
Module 6—Audience Analysis, Good And Bad Habits
Module 7—Typography, Page Layouts, And More
Module 8—Style Guide

I am always keen to hear back from you about your learning experience and any related questions you may have.

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