My top three interview questions to technical writers, and why

Question: Tell me about yourself

-Vocabulary and use of language
-Clarity and structure in thoughts
-Articulation of their own talents
-Ability to understand the context
-Understanding the audience
-Research skills about audience/subject
-Judgment of how much information to provide
-Creativity, creating interest, story/examples.

Question: Describe technical writing

-Familiarity with the profession and the working environment
-Familiarity with top skills in writing, grammar, user experience
-Value placed on soft skills/communication and research
-Value placed on side skills like interacting with software/testing
-Value placed on diverse skill sets within the scope of technical writing
-Ability to articulate a wide topic and summarize in few words
-Awareness of writing aspect like globalization, localization.

Question: Tell me about your favorite writing project in detail

-Ability to substantiate/verify skill sets with facts/story
-Comprehension, articulation, explaining a topic to new audience
-Voice and style, personalization, passion for work
-Dexterity with process and use of tools, style sheets and formats
-Personal contribution, resourcefulness and insights.

[The author of this piece is Pooja Yadav | Technical Writer, Organic farmer, Traveler, and more |]

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