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How much does it cost to have a technical communicator in the company?

When I talk to companies about the importance of Technical Communication and having a properly trained Technical Communicator on staff, I often hear people say: OK, interesting, but how much does it cost me?

My answer in this case is: But have you thought about how much it costs you not to have one?

A good technical communication is a guarantee for the customers because it helps them to use the products with satisfaction and safety and for the company because it protects it from possible complaints for a wrong use, but in addition to this, the process that brings information on paper helps to improve the products, provides useful elements for communication in other business areas and for the training of internal and external staff.

In addition, let’s not forget that the instruction manual together with the product is the only thing that remains in the hands of our final customer to represent our company … and so if we spend money for commercial communication before the sale why shouldn’t we spend it for technical communication?

How much does it cost to give this up?

[The author of this piece is Luciano Arturo Preatoni | Owner at Ailati | Network to Publishing, Albignasego, Veneto, Italy |]

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