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Growing demand for technical writers

Technical writers fulfill an important role in almost every niche in the tech world. Every time companies create their products, long before marketing managers start to run their campaigns, tech writers become involved, bringing a particular set of skills to the table, to create product documentation for the end user. When companies want to communicate their innovative work with the rest of the world, tech writers become important players in the game.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2029, the demand for tech writers will increase by 7%. The increasing growth is due to the continuous expansion of technical and scientific products. The increase in web-based support is also increasing the demand for technical writers.

The starting pay of salaried technical writers is around 74,650 USD per year, with contractors charging around 35.89 USD per hour on average. Technical writing is undoubtedly a lucrative job. This is because the job calls for rendering complex technical information in language that is simple and understandable for the layman. Although this sounds simple enough, obviously it is not as easy as it sounds. As a result, employment opportunities for technical writers continue to grow, with the following industries spearheading the demand.

Software industry: The need for tech writers in the software industry is expanding very quickly, with a high demand for those who can work in the API space. Technical writers write both consumer-facing documentation and developer-to-developer documentations.
Automobile or heavy machinery industry: The automobile and heavy machinery industry delivers products that require, among other things, an operator’s manual.
Consumer electronics industry: This is another rapidly growing industry, and here the work of technical writers is more often project-focused. They have to provide documentation to publish across different platforms and locales.
Healthcare industry: The Healthcare niche is another area where tech writers are high in demand, writing a range of documents related to medicine and healthcare, including marketing copy, educational materials, regulatory documents, translation of research projects, and other articles. For any tech writer having a background in science, this is a lucrative field to be in.
Aviation or aerospace industry: An extensive amount of documentation is necessary for the aerospace and aviation industry, with numerous activities requiring repeatable instructions. Also, because the safety risks in this industry are perceived to be higher, the Aviation Authority enforces strict guidelines regarding operations, designs, and maintenance. For this, they need technical writers who can write flight safety manuals and other documentation with accuracy and attention to detail.

Do you have what it takes to become a tech writer?
You have a college degree. You are tech savvy. You have good language skills. You have an eye for detail. If this describes you, you might want to see if technical writing is the career for you.

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